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The Orthopedic Use Of Fiberglass Casting Tape

In Healing Equine Hoof Pathologies

A Step-By-Step Guide

an eTextbook by Susanella Noble, CNBBT


The use of casting tape has opened new frontiers in healing and helping reverse the pathologies of laminitis, wall cracks, navicular problems, negative palmar/plantar angles, injuries, arthritis and grazing (club) feet. It has revolutionized hoof rehabilitation by drastically reducing pain, cushioning the sole, protecting the capsule, stimulating circulation and allowing more mobility which gives the crippled horse renewed will to live and time to heal.

This ebook provides a comprehensive guide to applying fiberglass hoof casts as an orthopedic healing tool. It gives the hoofcare professional a comprehensive background through case studies and step-by-step instructions with color photos to ensure success from the very first cast. The author shares her successful techniques and product preferences along with invaluable resources for trimming and preparing the hoof to guide the new growth in a healthy direction.

This eTextbook has been formatted in PDF and designed to be downloaded and read in Adobe Reader where the photos can be enlarged for better detail. It can also be printed out and collated into a three-ring binder for easy reference. The PDF file may be slow to download because of the number of photos.

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What Are Casts?

Casting tape is made from a knitted fiberglass fabric which is impregnated with polyurethane resin and sets instantly with the introduction of air and application of water. The tape adheres to itself and becomes a light-weight solid shell.

The fabric permits air and moisture to wick and evaporate allowing the hoof to breathe

They are durable and ideal for all weather and every terrain

Benefits Of Casting

Casts protect the entire hoof capsule, reduce pain and stimulate healing

They mold to and maintain the hoof shape with structural integrity

Casts cushion and protect the corium of the coffin bone allowing

it to regenerate and grow new sole tissue.

See the "Clinical Outcome of Four Obese, Laminitic Horses..."

by Dr. Debra Taylor DVM and Pete Ramey

Casts are as much of a blessing to laminitic horses as they are to humans with broken bones.

There is no magic wand = it takes TIME for horses with distortions to grow out their hooves according to their genetic code. The longer the pathologies have been building, the less chance of restoring optimal hoof function. Don't wait to start casting the lame horse correctly!

Case Study Excerpts


20+ year old mare in shoes since the age of three -- suffering lameness issues in all feet for many years with prolonged positive rotation of the RF coffin bone as well as severe arthritis in knees and hocks.

May, 2011 ...............................................September, 2011


After four months in casts, the radiograph of the RF below shows significant derotation, better alignment of the joints, measurable new sole growth and remodeling of the tip of the coffin bone. Eight months later she was barefoot.

May, 2011 ......................................................September, 2011



Hoof Cracks


Susanella shares her techniques for stabilizing and treating severe wall cracks and her successful case studies will help you determine how long to keep each hoof in a cast. This hoof was in casts for five months, then barefoot for three months before taking the photo on the lower right. It shows that a solid connection from the coronary band has grown down almost two inches (the blue marker line down the center is showing the True Flight Path for adjusting the breakover).




From wrapping techniques to removing casts safely, from protecting abscess sites to creating traction, this eTextbook gives professionals the solutions needed to effectively cast the most crippled hooves. The author has experimented with different hoof packing products and casting tapes and recommends supplies that work the best.

Therapeutic Soaks In Casts

Abscesses are part of the healing process -- they are nature's way of flushing out necrotic tissues to allow for healthy, new growth. The accompanying infections that come with abscesses can be devastating, especially in older horses. Cryotherapy has proven to reduce inflammation and prevent the laminae from separating while stimulating the regeneration of nerve cells and circulation. Casts allow water to flow through to the hoof while soaking in ice water and then they gradually evaporate, dry out, like a normal hoof.


Author's Notes

It took millions of years of evolution for horses to evolve their perfect hooves on rocky terrain. When man came along and introduced peripheral loading (shoes), the horse's vitality and lifespan diminished drastically. Science and statistics prove that you can't truly heal a pathological hoof using the same method that actually created it. When applied according to these instructions, hoof casts will distribute and cushion the horse's weight properly on the solar structures while they stimulate healing and reduce pain.

Based upon my anecdotal evidence and after successfully rehabilitating scores of chronically-lame horses, I hope to share what I've learned and prevent others from making the same mistakes that I did along the way. I consistently monitor and study the living hoof and know that it has the amazing ability to remodel itself even from catastrophic insult. I try to work hand-in-hand with the laws of nature and have proven that the holistic approach produces a healthier, happier horse thanks to their functional hooves.

The author recommends the Welz Trimming Method

and subscribing to their website, Hoof Help Online.




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