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We all need to wrap our brains around everything written by Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Tomas Teskey, Dr. Debra Taylor and selected articles by Dr. Christopher Pollitt.

The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

"The Clinical Outcome of 14 Obese, Laminitic Horses..."


Pete Ramey has compiled the definitive 2011 veterinary text

The Care and Rehabilitation Of The Equine Foot


Must Watch Video! Dr. Debra Taylor's lecture:

"Is The Hoof Smart? The Adaptablility Of The Equine Foot"


Every horse owner needs a subscription to

The Horse's Hoof Magazine


Barefoot Sites

American Hoof Association

+ articles: "Laminitis" & "Effects of Non-Structural Carbs"

The Welz Method at Hoof Help Online

Jenny Edwards: Ultimate Equine Laminitis eBook

Dr. Robert Bowker's Corona Vista Equine Center

Pete Ramey: Hoof Rehabilitation Website and The Benefits Of Barefoot

Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation

Marjorie Smith: Barefoot For Soundness

Martha Olivo's United Horsemanship


Swedish Hoof School

John The Vet

Equine Sciences Academy

Linda Cowles' Healthy Hoof

Sandy Judy


Andrew Bowe's Mayfield Rehabilitation Center in Australia

Super Hoof Online Community


For Your Heart

I would suggest reading the inspirational books of Joe Camp at The Soul Of A Horse

Hoof Boots

Check out the Equine Fusion Jogging Boots -- At last boots with spongy soles!

Cavallo Trek hoof boots

Easy Care Trail or Back Country and Old Mac G2 hoof boots are great!



Dr. Robert Bowker D.V.M.

The Unfettered Foot by Dr. Tomas Teskey D.V.M.

James R. Rooney Index to articles

Historical Hoof Care

Why Barefoot? by Andrew Bowe

Laminitis Update by James Hart


Favorite Farrier Sites

Jen Clingly's Wild About Hooves

Gretchen Cardosa, another farrier godmother and author of a must-read article of the development of club feet, "Foal Hoofcare" on page 20

Keith Jacobson: Natural Hoof Care Colorado

"Dare To Go Bare" by Kaya Femerling